It’s less hassle

With MOBI, you can be ready to work, anywhere, rapidly – and you don’t need to carry as much equipment.

  • Carry less stock: the 300-bar 10l MOBI cylinder holds up to 53% more gas than a traditional 200 bar 10l cylinder, so it lasts longer – and the compact design makes it more portable too
  • Reduce set-up times: with an integrated pressure regulator, there’s no need to connect and disconnect a regulator with every new job
  • Be up and running, fast: attach the gas hose to the quick connect outlet, open the valve and adjust the flow. It’s as simple as that

It’s safer

MOBI is built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

  • It’s robust: the sturdy integrated guard shields the valve against accidental bumps and falls, while the guard arms provide grip to improve handling
  • It‘s stable: the shorter, wider MOBI cylinder has a lower centre of gravity than a traditional cylinder, so it’s less likely to tip over
  • It’s reliable: our experts carry out maintenance and safety checks at each refill. This not only saves you time and money, it means you can rely on our strict product stewardship standards, for complete peace of mind

It’s more efficient

MOBI gives you the information you need, instantly.

  • Read the pressure in the cylinder at a glance: the live content indicator means you don’t waste time connecting a regulator
  • See straight away whether there’s enough gas left to finish the job: no more running out of gas halfway through
  • Get full value for money: use every last molecule of gas in the cylinder and put an end to returning cylinders before they’re empty

Discover MOBI

Live content indication
See at a glance how much gas is in the cylinder.

Improved safety
The innovative guard protects the valve and makes the package easier to handle too.

Ongoing reliability
We maintain the pressure regulator according to strict product stewardship requirements.

MOBI specifications

Approvals Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive
Standards compliance ISO 10297 (guard)
ISO 11363-1(inlet thread)
ISO 15996 (residual pressure valve)
ISO 5145 (filling port)
ISO 11117 (valve guard)
ISO 22435 (VIPR) and follows EN 561 (quick-connect outlet).
Gas range Inert gases
shielding gases
oxygen, acetylene
Cylinder sizes 10l
Cylinder working pressure Up to 300 bar
Acetylene working pressure Up to 1.5 bar
Outlet connection Quick connection
design (following
EN 561)
Pressure range (oxygen) 0 to 10 bar
(0 to 145 PSI)
Flow range (shielding gases) 0 to 30 l/m
(0 to 64 ft³/h)
Pressure range (acetylene) 0 to 1.5 bar
(0 to 22 PSI)